Application areas

Polymer blends, as well as nanocomposites, are multiphase materials. They are characterized by:

- Their ability to combine the properties of their components
- Controllable properties during their processing
- A lower mass than metals or ceramics while presenting equivalent properties for certain applications
- Relatively easy to process

At PolymerÉTS, we work mainly with:

- Polymer blends for electronic sensors and drug delivery systems
- Polymer blends containing recycled polymers to obtain new materials
- Nanocomposites containing carbon nanoparticles to obtain conductive composites
- Nanocomposites containing cellulosic nanoparticles for the transportation industry
- Nanocomposites containing clays for drug delivery systems

These systems are all developed using classical plastics processing techniques such as extrusion or injection but also techniques such as electrospinning and additive manufacturing. All these developments are based on scientific foundations in rheology and material science.